The production of high-quality books by Tecnostampa, Pigini Group, for the publisher 5 Continents Editions.

Following a ten-year collaboration that links Tecnostampa Pigini Group, Loreto, and the publisher 5 Continents Editions, Milan, this incredible volume has been published entitled: ART BRUT. LE LIVRE DES LIVRES, THE BOOK OF BOOKS

Art Brut identifies all artistic expressions born in a non-academic context and not linked to official culture. The volume includes collections of drawings, projects, notebooks and personal diaries, all of which are artistic expressions that responded to the need to fix on paper a personal intimate thought or other intuition, following its evolution through the use of pens, pencils, charcoals and any other object that was able to leave a mark.

Not to be confused with folk art or naïve art, the absolute spontaneity of this particular communicative necessity allows the exponents of Art Brut to be real artists and consequently their artistic production rises to the name of “art” and in this editorial product it finds a formula that allows its enhancement and dissemination.

The concept of Art Brut was conceived around 1945 by the French artist Jean Dubuffet to connote the artistic productions made by people who were self-taught, and therefore non-professionals. Among these were often people suffering from mental illness, whose artistic expressions were recognized for their inventive capacity and great spontaneity.

THE SPINE. The characteristic binding of the cover without a book spine, allows the book block to be highlighted and makes the sixteen-page signatures visible, which restores the look, feel and essence of a notebook, therefore remaining faithful to the style of the works contained therein. The graphic printed on the outer fold of the signatures is made visible by the use of transparent glue that acts as the spine of the book. It is taken from the work on pages 269-270.

5 Continents Editions, an independent publishing house of art works and exhibition catalogues, was created in 2002 in Milan by Eric Ghysels (in the photo), Belgian-Armenian by birth and Italian by adoption. Today, the company is an undisputed worldwide leader in the fields of non-European arts: from architecture to ancient arts, modern and contemporary, decorative arts, fashion, design and photography. His dynamic, professional and passionate team – as well as being multilingual to facilitate relations with authors, artists, foundations and museums around the world – instils the company’s books with that ‘extra spark’ so highly valued by the publisher. The minimalism of the graphics, the picture research and outstanding texts combined with the highest quality photo-engraving, printing and binding ensure each and every publication by 5 Continents Editions are a tangible reflection of all forms of expression and creation infused with an authenticity and inspiration.
Special international distribution ensures the books – published principally in French and English, but also in Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese – reach all parts of the globe.


Language: FR/EN
Trim size: 24 x 29,5 cm
Pages: 400
Binding: Hardback without spine with transparent glue and visible signatures.
ISBN: 978-88-7439-966-6
Publish date: January 2022
Publisher: 5 Continents Editions – Milan
Printed: Tecnostampa, Pigini Group – Loreto (AN)


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