Dario Cimorelli Editore publishes the book “Tina Modotti”, with Tecnostampa Pigini Group.

The most comprehensive exhibition ever organised on the work of Tina Modotti (Assunta Adelaide Luigia Modotti Mondini,1896-1942) is on display at the Palazzo Roverella, Rovigo. Inaugurated on 22nd September, the exhibition will be open to the public until 28th January 2024 and it showcases more than 300 works, including images, films, and documents that reconstruct the photographic work of one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. From architecture to still life, from depicting the daily lives of the working class, peasants, workers, children and women, to the transformation of the outskirts with the arrival of the new modernity.

Her debut in public life was in cinema, thanks to her striking beauty and personality. Loved by directors and photographers, she quickly left the glossy world of Hollywood to align with her combative character, which saw her politically and socially standing on the side of the underprivileged.
The activist Tina, cultured and refined, nevertheless knew how to use her artistic talents with the camera, leaving us with extraordinary testimonies that we can admire at Palazzo Roverella, participatory photography is the revelation.

As often happens, after her death in 1942, Tina Modotti’s figure was forgotten for many years. Until 1977, when the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York dedicated a significant retrospective to her, marking the rediscovery of her work and confirming her role as a major protagonist of the 20th century.

Tina Modotti

She was Italian by birth but Mexican by adoption, not only because she lived in Mexico but also because it was there that she came into contact with left-wing artists and intellectuals, discovering her personal interest in politics and the injustices that plagued the world in the early 20th century.
Here, Modotti becomes a photographer, realising how photography can serve to reveal the contradictions of a changing world in which injustice and poverty persist.
Intelligent and sensitive, Tina threw herself with the same passion into both photography and political activities, first joining Soccorso Rosso, the organisation promoted by Comintern, and later, the anti-Imperialist league (Lega Anti-Imperialista), coming into contact with figures like Sandino and Nehru.
Romantically linked to Vittorio Vidali, a kind of future KGB spy, she became associated with the Mexican Communist Party and some of its most famous communist militants, such as the painter, Diego Rivera, whose spectacular murals she photographed, or the feminist Frida Khalo, with whom she likely had a love affair.
“Tina Modotti. L’opera”
A complete monograph that showcases works from every part of the world, from museums to private collectors. The result of five years of research aimed at delving into the variety of the artist’s approaches to the photographed subject. An engaging journey where the narrative of reality, echoing from that subtle blur distinguishing Tina Modotti’s photographs, reveals an absolute communicative strength.After the first weekend, 900 entries have already been recorded, a testament to the anticipation and interest that the exhibition has generated even before its opening. The success is not limited to the local context but is drawing visitors from across the national territory. An excellent start that highlights the relevance and care of Palazzo Roverella’s proposal.

Behind the entire project is Dario Cimorelli Editore, who has long been dedicated to organising major events in addition to art publishing. The newly established publishing house already boasts around thirty titles in its catalogue, with another sixty planned for the upcoming year.
The cultural association Cinemazero of Pordenone, already very active in producing  events of this kind and referenced by the curator Costantini, participated in the organisation of this exhibition. On the institutional front, there are Fondazione Cariparo, the major Venetian banking foundation, the Municipality of Rovigo and the Accademia dei Concordi. The main sponsor is Intesa Sanpaolo.
The book
“Tina Modotti. L’opera”

over 300 works featured
272 pages
closed dimensions: 23×28 cm.
Packaging: sewn
paperback binding with a hard cover.
Curator: Riccardo Costantini
Publisher: Dario Cimorelli Editore
Printing: Tecnostampa Loreto (AN) Italy


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