Incredible Treasures UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. Tecnostampa Pigini Group for UNESCO and Mapin Publishing, India.

Published by UNESCO and Mapin Publishing, Incredible Treasures. “UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India is the first attempt ever to present the country’s thirty cultural heritage sites” (Cit. Eric Falt, Director and Representative UNESCO New Delhi, covering India and also Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka) link

Edited by Shikha Jain, Vinay Sheel Oberoi, Photo Editor by Rohit Chawla and Foreword by Eric Falt.

UNESCO has inscribed 38 such sites in India, all of which are presented in this volume, together with beautiful illustrations and commentary by heritage experts and conservationists.

The cultural sites in India are a rich repository of the country’s glorious past from the earliest periods of rock art, Buddhist caves and Hindu temples, Sultanate and Mughal forts, palaces, tombs and memorials, medieval Hindu and Islamic cities, step-wells and observatories to Portuguese churches, Victorian and Art Deco ensembles to 20th-century industrial and modern heritage sites. The natural and mixed sites include national parks of exceptional natural beauty, flora and fauna and, sites of long interaction between people and the landscape.

The remarkable photography and photographic research of Rohit Chawla, one of India’s leading photographers today, brings the country’s World Heritage Sites to life. These curated images combine a keen sensitivity for his subject with an artist’s quest for meaning, and transform this publication into a thoroughly immersive experience.

“Incredible Treasures UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India.”

Trim Size: 25,4×30,48 cm.
Pages: 240 with hardcover
Printing: four colours on Magno Satin paper gr. 170 FSC
UNESCO and Mapin Publishing INDIA
Printed by: Tecnostampa, Loreto ITALY


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