On the centenary of the establishment of the Italian Air Force “CUORE PATRIA VOLO”.

The second edition of Cuore Patria Volo (Heart Homeland Flight), a successful historical-aeronautical themed work, comes out in 2023 to coincide with the centenary of the establishment of the Italian Air Force and the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the A.N.R. (National Republican Air Force).
A unique piece of work in the publishing sector, the 1st edition released on 8th September 2020 was warmly welcomed by both the public and critics. The 2nd edition is now out in 2 volumes and constitutes an important expansion and update on the most recent and accurate historical and photographic research of the 2nd Gruppo Caccia (fighter squadron) A.N.R. (1943/45) which operated in defence of the Italian skies in increasingly complex political and operational conditions. The accurate historical and photographic research, unparalleled in this sector, represents a tribute to the deeds, values and sacrifice of the resolute and courageous pilots who were inferior to rivals only in number, materials and logistics. These airmen, many of whom to never return home, were beaten but not broken.
With their HEART they defended their HOMELAND through their love of FLIGHT.

Literary Award.
Winner with “Cuore Patria Volo” (1st edition), Paolo Pesaresi is awarded 1st prize in the historical, narrative and doctrinal
 section awarded on the occasion of the 11th “G. Douhet” Aerospace Literary Prize – Centenary Edition, on the evening of Monday 23 January 2023.
The jury, chaired by Gen. Stefano Panato and in the presence of the A.A.A. National President Gen. Giulio Mainini, the Director of the Centre for Military Aeronautical studies Gen. Giovanni Fantuzzi and the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force Gen. Luca Goretti, awarded Cuore Patria Volo, already enthusiastically received by the public and critics, with the following motivation: “A complete review of the story of the National Republican Air Force in the aftermath of the armistice, the volume collects documents, testimonies and images to understand the sacrifice of those who for 18 months fought for the defence of the skies of northern Italy in increasingly difficult political and operational conditions. The captivating presentation and balanced narrative, perfectly interpret the task of promoting aeronautical culture carried out by the Arma Aeronautical Association.”

This second edition has been largely revised and expanded by 224 pages also including the concise translation into English of 26 chapters. The work now has
832 pages, 1150 images, 170 documents from public and private archives, 110 colour drawings by M. Gueli and P. Pesaresi, 48 colour airbrush profiles by M. Gueli, 26 pages of technical drawings by M. Bartolacci and P. Pesaresi and 26 chapters summarised in English.

The first volume“Potevano solo morire” (They could only die), is the precise and detailed reconstruction of the events and air battles that preceded the tragic epilogue in April 1945.
The nineteen chapters are accompanied by countless photographic contributions and illustrations that accompany the reader in the passionate and expert narration of the author. The photographs and deeds of the pilots are a true tribute to the courage of these extraordinary men.

In 400 pages, the second volume entitled “Storie vissute di piloti e aerei” (Real stories of pilots and planes) traces the exciting stories as well as the biographies of the pilots of the 2nd Gruppo Caccia (fighter squadron). The stories are also in the form of a diary. In addition to the evocative photographs, detailed graphic reconstructions of the aircraft supplied to the 2nd Gruppo Caccia also contribute to a truly  unprecedented in-depth analysis.

This 2nd edition has obtained the sponsorship of the following associations:
Academy of Hoplology and Militaria of Ancona;
The ‘Archivi Ritrovati’;
Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici (Friends of Historical Aircraft Group);
Gruppo Modellistico Trentino (Trentino Modelling Group);
Historical Aircraft Group;
Federighi Historical Archives

The author
Paolo Pesaresi
 was born in Osimo in 1966. He is a freelance surveyor with a VDS pilot licence, and has a passion for historical-aeronautical research. He is a member of various historical and cultural associations such as the Arma Aeronautical Association, the Amici Velivoli Storici (Historical Aircraft Group), The Academy of Hoplology and Militaria of Ancona, the Istituto Nastro Azzurro, the Gruppo Modellistico Trentino, the Civica Galleria Figurino Storico of Osimo, Filottrano 44 and the Circolo Fotografico Giacomelli. Some of his articles and photos have appeared in Klassiker der Luftfahrt, Cycle World, Rivista Aeronautica, Aeronautica, Ali Antiche, VFR Aviation, Aerei, Aerei Modellismo, NPhotography, Ruote e Motori and in newspapers.

832 pages in two volumes
1,150 images
170 documents from public and private archives
110 colour drawings by Marco Gueli, Mattia Bartolacci, Paolo Pesaresi
48 colour airbrush profiles by M. Gueli
26 pages of technical drawings by M. Bartolacci and P. Pesaresi
26 chapters summarised in English
Size: 29.7×21 cm.
Finishing: hardcover volumes with box
Author and Publisher:  Paolo Pesaresi
Graphic design: Antonio and Francesca Scarponi
Printed by: Tecnostampa Loreto (AN) Italy

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Cuore Patria Volo


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