Tecnostampa is Italian Graphic Industry of the Year!

This important recognition was decreed by Stratego Group, organizer of the 32nd Print Economic Forum and Oro della Stampa 2023, the only event in Italy that rewards the “excellence of printing“, to which is added a useful moment of in-depth analysis and analysis dedicated to the Italian industry of the printing.
The award, assigned by a jury of sector technicians, producers of raw materials, technologies and services with the support of national trade associations such as Assografica and the Confindustria Carta Grafica Federation, saw Tecnostampa of Loreto (Italy) receive the award as Best Italian Printing Industry of the the year 2023.
The “Gold Graphic Industry of the Year” Special Award was presented by Roberto Levi Acobas, CEO of Printgraph.

At the celebratory date on 1 December, the founding members received the award, the CEO and President Giuseppe Casali and Pietro Canullo, who exactly fifty years ago, in 1973, together with Lamberto Pigini, gave life to Tecnostampa, and was present  the General Manager of the group Flavio Zuin representing the collaborators. The Award is a worthy recognition of fifty years of activity which has seen Tecnostampa grow to compete among the most important Italian graphic industries and represent one of the most important players on the market at a national and international level.

The motivation for the “Gold Printing Industry Graphics of the Year” award
In its 50th year of activity – the company was founded in Recanati in 1973 – Tecnostampa wins the Gold Graphic Industry of the Year. It is equipped with all the main quality certifications, has an active ESG policy and touches on aspects of energy sustainability (the photovoltaic systems today exceed 40,000 m2 between the Loreto and Trevi poles, and there are two trigeneration plants), sustainability economic-financial and staff training. In 2022, 55 training courses were organized for employees. There was no shortage of technological updating, with the acquisition of new printing units which join the 38 already present in the company and two new CTPs which will bring further production efficiency and energy savings. The growing synergies with Rotopress International also make economies of scale even more effective which will lead Tecnostampa to develop further business and remain at the highest levels in terms of technological updates and dedicated staff.

With over 250 employees, 3 production plants for a total of 50,000 m2 of covered surface area and a turnover of over 50 million euros, Tecnostampa is a technological center of excellence in the panorama of the Italian graphic industries.
With an offer ranging from sheetfed offset printing for medium and large formats to high-quality web-offset printing as well as digital printing for short runs and an internal bookbinding service for every kind of product, Tecnostampa specializes in the production of books of art, for the most important Italian and international publishers, educational publishingcatalogs for the fashion and furniture industry, magazinescatalogs for large-scale retail trade and any other advertising print.
The technologies include 38 flat printing groups with formats from 70×100 to 120×160, and 98 web-offset printing groups for 32, 64 and 96 pages, offering every kind of solution that can be declined based on the needs of formats, nobilitations and finishes.
It boasts process, quality, product and social security certifications.
In recent years, Tecnostampa has implemented the self-production of electricity, through photovoltaic and trigeneration systems, to exceed 5 million kilowatt hours/year.
In 2022 it achieved the Credit Reputation Award, a prize given to the best italian companies in relation to punctuality of payments.
Its strong vocation for enhancing skills, the attention to every aspect of the company’s life, the incessant drive towards growth and innovation make it a place where dedicationwork and culture go hand in hand, where every action generates trust and where each Customer represents a constant challenge towards the improvement of products and services.

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